Expressive Arts

KS3 Music

Year 7

Keywords, notation, Instruments of the Orchestra, Tchaikovsky, Jingles, Fanfares

Year 8

Keywords, keyboard skills, Pictures at an Exhibition, Blues, Beethoven, Sport Song, Atmospheres

Year 9

Doo–Wop, Music in the Media, Gershwin, Indian Classical and Bhangra, Minimalism


KS4 Music

Year 10 and 11

GCSE Music OCR Specification Performance, Listening and Composition.


KS3 Drama

Year 7

Physical Comedy, Soaps, Scripts, keywords, Comic Strip

Year 8

Pantomine, Scripts, Adverts, Missing, Home from the War

Year 9

Trailers, Let him have it, Identity, Shakespeare, Improvisation


KS4 Drama

Year 10/11

GCSE Drama EdExcel Specification Performance, Written Live reviews and Analysis.

Stanchester Important Notices Pinboard

Important Notices