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The journey to Stanchester starts as early as possible to ensure

the transition is smooth, anxieties are minimal and students

start their education excited and happy. Staff and students

at Stanchester work closely with our feeder primary schools,

making regular visits, inviting children to events at the academy

and hosting activities, sometimes even teaching lessons in our

feeder schools.

More formally every child attends our fantastic ‘Wow Day’ long

before admissions to secondary school take place, enabling

children to understand a little about secondary school life and

to familiarise themselves with the surroundings and staff before

thoughts turn to actual transition to the phase.

At Stanchester we pride ourselves on the positive transition

our children make, including now taking part in a transition

curriculum which serves as a ‘half way house’ between the

primary school curriculum and traditional secondary school

curriculum, reducing the number of teachers students have

during their first year and combining subjects into exciting,

cross curricular themes which all include an experience day

where parents can join their children in school – seeing for

themselves the incredible opportunities their children are

presented with at Stanchester.


The Stanchester Journey

“Pupils are

well prepared

for the next stage

of their learning.”

“I have watched my

daughter blossom and

grow in confidence during

her time at Stanchester.”



“The support that

everyone at the school

has given to my children

is outstanding.”