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We will be recognised as providing excellence in every aspect of Academy life.

We will provide a balanced, inclusive education in a safe, caring environment, where

each student is given the opportunity to reach their potential in and beyond the

classroom and where each member of staff can realise their ambitions.

Along with exceptional GCSE qualifications students, leave Stanchester equipped for

life as young adults. Preparing our students for exceptional futures is the single most

important goal for our staff. Knowing that our young people are able to communicate

well, present themselves professionally, solve problems, demonstrate resilience, have

empathy, respect and emotional intelligence gives us the confidence that these young

people will be role models for future generations and outstanding citizens for their

communities. Character development is forming the basis for the way in which we

teach. It has been a driving force in the development of our new year 7 curriculum and

also ensures we continue to offer a vast range of experiences and opportunities both in

the classroom, and beyond.

Our vision

“Ensuring our students

have the brightest

possible futures is a key

motivation for our team.”

“Leaders’ ambitions

for students’ futures

are driving the

academy forward.”