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Developing children’s characters through experiences and

opportunities is fundamental to learning at Stanchester.

Health and well-being is a core strand that runs right through

the academy, ensuring our students grow into exceptional

young adults. The Academy places great importance on

creativity and expression, nurturing talent and opening minds.

Learning is brought to life at Stanchester Academy by teachers

whose passion for their subjects is reflected in the opportunities

they provide their students.

Students in every year group will access a wide range of visits

bringing learning to life but all students will also have the

opportunity to take part in foreign visits; re-enacting battlefield

scenarios or building communities in Africa, skiing in Austria

or developing their Spanish in Barcelona. Enrichment closer to

home includes opportunities to challenge themselves or extend

their classroom experience.

Beyond the classroom

“Pupils are well

informed and

say they are

cared for well.”


“The relationships

between teachers and

pupils lead to high

levels of engagement.”