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The Duke of Edinburgh Award

Learning new skills, being a valued member of the community,

being able to solve problems and lead others are core values

which are promoted through our significant involvement in the

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

From the moment students enter the academy they will be

building their portfolio of skills, achieving their first award at

the end of year 7 and developing this portfolio to complete their

bronze and silver awards in their latter years at Stanchester.

The Stanchester Baccalaureate

Our Baccalaureate promotes the belief that there are three

strands of educational excellence:

· Academic excellence

· Personal development through skills for life

· Research based learning

The award, set at three levels, ensures all students are

rewarded not only for their academic progress and

commitment to their studies but also for their talents, the

challenges they take on and their character development.

“Students consider

it ‘cool to achieve’.

They are proud to be

students at Stanchester.”



have access to

a broad range

of experiences.”