Art, Craft and Design and Photography

Art, Craft and Design and Photography

Welcome to the Art, Craft and Design and Photography area…

We aim to ensure that our students enjoy stimulating teaching and we strive to engage, motivate and challenge students of all abilities. We teach our students the skills needed to become independent, confident and articulate learners. All members of our school community have a shared ambition, common direction and set high expectations for ourselves and others.





Point of the art/craft work

Evidence to support your understanding of the point

Analysis- description of the piece – composition, focal point and media etc

Response – whether student thinks it successful or not with reasons

Link- to our work, the relevance of the work

Social and historical context – how the art/craft work fits in culturally/timeline

KS3 Art, Craft and Design


  • Knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create works of art, craft and design
  • Critical thinking
  • Understanding of Art and Design – function, purpose, cultural relevance, shaping of our history and importance to the creativity and wealth of our nation

Assessment – overall to know, apply and understand the matters, skills and processes specified in the programme of study:

  1. Creative work – exploring ideas and recording experiences
  2. Drawing painting sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques
  3. Evaluate and analyse creative works using language of art craft and design
  4. Knowledge about great artists, craftmakers and designers, showing understanding of historical and cultural development of their art forms.

Key teaching and learning

Progression and increased proficiency, critical understanding of artists, architects and designers expressing reasoned judgments that can inform their work.

Year 7

Peace poster
Visual communication on a theme
Creative thinking and design

Study of William Morris – historical and cultural
Drawing of natural forms
Development of print

Link of art to technological advancement.
Understanding of Futurists
Development of own work on theme

Year 8

Incredible Edible
Still life – dutch still life work
Sweet design – art in the market place
Working as a design team

Op Art
Understanding illusions and how we ‘see’ things. Creating and developing illusions after studying Vasarely and Riley

Study and work influenced by learning about other cultures and the relevance of their artwork

Year 9

What is a portrait – historically and culturally
Drawing and painting

Different ways to communicate visually:
Working on a theme
Learning from the work of others
Researching own ideas
Creation of work
Picasso heads
Stamp design

Theme of creative problem solving

Bag design
Designers in the marketplace

KS4 Art, Craft and Design and Photography

GCSE Art and Design AQA syllabus:

  • Art, Craft and Design GCSE
  • Photography GCSE

Reasons for studying these subjects

Art and Design is the title AQA give to their collection of arts subjects for examination at GCSE. At Stanchester Academy we teach two of these options: Art, Craft and Design is one option at GCSE, Photography is another option at GCSE.  Both subjects fall under the banner of Art and Design.  Art and Design is essential to encourage independent learning, an ability to problem solve, reflect and refine critically and to collaborate as part of a team.  These foundations of our learning help the overall development of the child to become a rounded adult able to contribute to the world we live in regardless of whether they choose to focus on a specific art or not.  One in 8 jobs in our economy is in the creative industries and we aim to equip our students with the necessary skills to thrive whether they choose to be an artist or a nuclear scientist!  It’s all about how you learn and develop individual learning skills.  The arts, unlike other curriculum areas allow the individual to explore and experiment with themselves and their understanding about the world they live in at the core.  Our course is inclusive of art history, examples of artwork from around the globe, an understanding about different cultures, the ability to communicate through a variety of media and the opportunity to work with technology.

We focus our course on the individual and have amazing results each year well above national results and expectations and with many students making more than their expected levels of progress.   With our students we are an excellent team!

How you will learn

  • Over the two years student must select and present a portfolio of work that includes a sustained project developed in response to a subject, theme, task or brief evidencing the journey from their initial engagement with an idea to their final outcomes.
  • Students must also submit a selection of further work about their learning and understanding showcasing what they are able to do. How you work with the media you choose is also an important part of the course.
  • Knowledge and understanding includes learning about how ideas, feelings and meanings are conveyed and interpreted in images, artefacts and products.
  • You will use your new knowledge and understanding about how artists/photographers past and present have worked to further your own work. At every point of the learning students are encouraged to engage to develop a critical understanding of artists, architects and designers expressing reasoned judgments that can inform their work.
  • You will have to keep a sketchbook for each project with notes explaining what you have been doing – what you know and understand. You will learn about a range of approaches and media and how to use your new skills to meet the work briefs.
  • Final pieces will be presented in a portfolio
  • You will be required to take part in visits off site to experience a first hand experience of their chosen option(s)
  • Successful students will be the independent learners who follow their ideas through to create individual skilled collections of work. Final pieces will be supported by evidence of research, experimentation and understanding about the world we live in. and the contribution of the subject to the development of culture

How you will be assessed.

  • Your portfolio collection of work will comprise 60% of the total GCSE grade.
  • An externally set assignment will comprise 40% of the total GCSE grade. This portfolio of work will be the result of students responding to a choice from different starting points. Student will have the time to prepare for their examination. The final examination time will be 10 hours for the final piece to be completed. This time will start with at least a 2 hour session. Once the supervised time starts students will not be able to undertake any further preparatory studies.
  • In all aspects of the work there will be drawing activity and written annotation.

The difference between Art, Craft and Design and Photography

  • Should you wish to study Art Craft and Design you will work in a variety of projects using a variety of media. Students will incorporate art, design, sculpture and lens based media into their final portfolio of work. If you love variety this course is for you!
  • Should you wish to study Photography you will be working with lens base media. If you love the idea of working with cameras and photoshop then this is the course for you!
  • Both options allow you to be creative with media as part of developing ideas and images.

Should the option be available to you to study both subjects you need to know that work cannot be double entered.

General Comment

  • The first sketchbook will be given to students free and then sketchbooks can be bought from the Department as students need them.
  • Students can buy a portfolio for presenting their final pieces
  • The basics for the course are always provided however individual students who choose to work in particular media with specific materials may have to provide or pay for them themselves.
  • It is strongly recommended that students have their own camera and appropriate computer software to be able to develop images in school and at home.
  • There will be opportunities to visit art works at first hand. Visits by coach are anticipated with appropriate costs to be covered.

"Arts education aids students in skills needed in the workplace: flexibility, the ability to solve problems and communicate, the ability to learn new skills, to be creative and innovative, and to strive for excellence."

– Joseph M. Calahan, Director of Cooperate Communications, Xerox Corporation

"We need people who think with the creative side of their brains—people who have played in a band, who have painted…it enhances symbiotic thinking capabilities, not always thinking in the same paradigm, learning how to kick-start a new idea, or how to get a job done better, less expensively."

–Annette Byrd, GlaxoSmithKline

"Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere."

–Albert Einstein


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