'The more you know about the past the better prepared you are for the future.' Theodore Roosevelt.

Welcome to the History Department at Stanchester Academy.  History is the study of the past with which we can understand our present and hope to predict and shape our future. It is a challenging, fascinating and very much respected academic discipline. We hope to inspire in our students a thirst for knowledge of the past and an understanding of their own lives in the world around them.







KS3 History

Our KS3 course consists of:-

Year 7


What is History?
The Battle of Hastings


The Normans in Power
The Medieval Church


Medieval Society

Year 8


The Protestant Reformation
Elizabeth I


What Caused the English Civil War?
Industrial Britain


Jack the Ripper
Protest and Reform

Year 9


What Caused World War One?
General Haig: Good General or Butcher of the Somme?


The Treaty of Versailles
The Interwar Years


World War Two
The Holocaust

KS4 History

History is a popular subject at GCSE. We study the syllabus for OCR A SHP; this focuses on Black Civil Rights, Crime and Punishment Through Time, Protest and Reaction in British Society and Life in Nazi Germany. There are two examinations at the end of the course.

In Year 10 we study:- Black Civil Rights and Crime and Punishment Through Time. In Year 11 we study:- Life in Nazi Germany and Protest and Reaction in British Society.

To support your child in their studies please encourage them to read historical literature as well as historical fiction set in the relevant time periods as well as watching television documentaries and historical films.


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