What do Governors do?

As a member of the largest voluntary body in the UK, school governors have three core functions in order to provide the highest standards of education:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Principal to account for the educational performance of the Academy and its students
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the Academy and making sure its money is well spent.

The role of a governor is largely a thinking and questioning one. In this way, governors support the school, the Principal and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) as they lead and manage the Academy. Governors challenge what goes on by questioning, asking for explanations and making sure students get the best possible deal from their school. Training is available for all governors to help them fulfil their role.

How do Stanchester's Governors fulfil their role?

  • By attending and contributing to Full Governing Body (FGB) meetings, of which there are 11 spread over the school year. They are held midweek at the school and run from 5.30pm - 8pm.

  •  Some governors serve on one or more of the committees that advise the FGB on specific matters, e.g.

    Finance and Buildings
    Pay and Performance
    Appeals Panels
  • By visiting the Academy regularly (work and other commitments permitting) governors are better able to assess and understand what happens at school. This enables them to observe at first hand the progress made and to monitor the issues identified within the School Improvement Plan (SIP). These visits are arranged in conjunction with the SLT and guidance is provided.
  • By contributing in other ways e.g. attending events such as concerts, drama productions, celebration assemblies, helping to appoint new staff, linking with students and parents to find out their views.

Becoming a Governor at Stanchester Academy

We are always open to approaches from those interested in joining us. Whilst you may have skills which would be of particular use to the Governing Body, no specific qualifications are needed and generally we need people who are willing to contribute ideas and constructively challenge what goes on.

If you would like to express an interest or find out more about the role please contact Mrs Rachel Robbins, Clerk to the Governors in the first instance 

Governors Meetings Attendance Record 2015-16

Governors Meetings Attendance Record 2016-17

Governors Meetings Attendance Record 2017-18

Full List of Governors

Current Type Committee/responsibilities Appointed Ends
Rose Atkinson Community   05.12.13 03.12.21
Lynn Benfield Community SEND** (with Simon Darley) 05.12.13 03.12.21
Jenna Burrow Staff   25.10.18 24.10.22
Sue Chant Community   06.02.15 05.02.19

Simon Darley (Chair)


Finance and Buildings/SEND/HTPR

06.02.15 05.02.19
Jane Gillespie


  20.03.18 19.03.22
Gemma Glentworth Staff   03.12.15 02.12.19
Andy Hall Parent   07.12.16 06.12.20
Nikki Holt Community

Pay committee/governor training

05.12.13 03.12.21
Amy Joynes Principal, Ex officio   01.09.16  n/a
Dale Newson Parent   22.09.17 21.09.21
Graham McWilliams Sponsor   06.02.15 05.02.19
Sarah Todd Co-opted   01.12.16 30.11.20
Judy Watson


Safeguarding/Relationships and sex education/HTPR

06.02.15 05.02.19
Rachel Wellfair Staff   29.11.17 28.11.21
Leavers over the past two years
Sue Collard Community Finance and Buildings 05.12.14 04.12.18
Richard Weeks Parent Finance and Buildings/Health and Safety 03.12.15 10.10.18
Richard Barker Community Chair. Finance and Buildings/HTPR* 05.12.13 04.06.18
Sam Crabb Community Finance and Buildings/Pay committee 05.12.13 04.12.17
Mairi Todd Staff   05.12.13 04.12.17
Tim Olivey Parent Standards 18.01.16 13.07.17
Sarah-Jane Morris Staff Standards 18.07.16 17.05.17
Colin Tyler Parent Finance and Buildings 21.05.15 13.03.17
Jennifer Schina Parent Finance and Buildings 22.10.15 26.01.17

*Head Teacher's Performance Review

** Special Educational Needs and Difficulties

FGB Composition (in line with the Academy Articles of Association): 6 x community, 2 x parent, 3 x staff, 1 x ex officio, 1 x sponsor, 2 x co-opted.

Members of the Academy Trust: Sue Chant, Simon Darley (Chair), Judy Watson.

Clerk to the Governing body: Mrs Rachel Robbins 

Pecuniary Interests of Governors at Stanchester Academy as declared 2018/19

Governor Name of Business/Organisation Nature of Business Nature of Interest Financial Interest Any other interests declared
Amy Joynes Mark Joynes Property Maintenance Spouse None Principal
Amy Joynes Dave Brodie   Painter/decorator Friend None Principal
Dale Newson Dell Emc Corporation  Computer Hardware and Services     Parent


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