Vision, Ethos & Values

Vision, Ethos & Values

Governors' Forward Plan 2017-2022  

Our Mission

We will be recognised as providing excellence in every aspect of what we do.

We will provide a balanced, inclusive education in a safe, caring environment, where each student is given the opportunity to reach their potential, and where each member of staff can realise their ambitions.

Our students will leave Stanchester Academy equipped to make a confident, positive contribution to society.

Our Aims

To be the undisputed school of choice for students and their families in our catchment area.

For our students to enjoy their education, to develop a love for learning, and to be proud of Stanchester Academy.

To set and meet ambitious targets which are based upon reliable data and individual potential.

To be an integral, respected part of the local community, responding to the social and employment needs of the community.

To be recognised for the quality of our pastoral care, and for the excellence of our management of pupil transition from primary to secondary school

For all our students, regardless of ability, to receive the highest quality of teaching relevant to their personal needs.

In particular, to ensure that students who may be statistically disadvantaged, and those with special educational needs, are fully supported.

To be recognised as a school which provides the widest possible range of educational, cultural, sporting and artistic experiences for all students.

To lead and promote collaborative working with other schools to seek improvement opportunities for the benefit of our staff and students.

To work within our means and ensure that funds are always committed in the best interests of our students.

To exploit digital technologies in support of efficient working and teaching.

To provide a safe environment, and to promote healthy living.

To provide strong leadership and clear direction, communicating effectively with all stakeholders to instil confidence and encourage support.

Our Values

Our first and overriding priority will always be the best interest of our students

We believe in equal opportunity for all children and seek to provide the highest possible standard of education regardless of religion, ethnicity or nationality or ability.

We promote honesty, respect, integrity and good manners.

We are positive, confident, innovative and aspirational.

We continuously seek to improve and take pride in what we do.

Strategic Goals

The Governors have agreed a set of five strategic goals with the school Principal and her leadership team. These goals define the priorities the Governors have identified for the five years from 2017. The strategic goals form the focus for management activity and investment which is reflected in the more detailed Strategic Improvement Plan. Each goal has a defined set of measures used to monitor progress at Governing Board meetings. The goals are reviewed annually to ensure they remain valid and appropriate.

1. Excellence in Teaching

   a. teach in a way that students find engaging

   b. offer all staff the opportunity to improve their teaching skills through mentoring, coaching and  effective commitment to CPD.

   c. collate, monitor and act upon reliable, high quality data and constantly seek to improve the quality of that data

   d. closely monitor the performance of all students regardless of their ability, and provide personalised support where necessary.

   e. seek continuous year-on-year improvement and strive always to perform better than regional and national averages

Monitored by:

  • Progress 8 and other Key Performance Indicators
  • Comparison of predicted outcomes against actual achievement
  • Student outcomes relative to regional and national averages, and relative to previous years’ achievements
  • Challenge Partner and OFSTED reports
  • Governor involvement with subject reviews
  • CPD engagement

2. Excellence in Leadership

   a. provide high quality leadership to give all staff direction, support and opportunity

   b. deliver consistent, rigorous performance management

   c. ensure success is celebrated and mistakes are leaned from - ensure all stakeholders share pride in achievement

   d. engage all staff in pursuit of the school’s ambitions; empower staff through delegation

   e. ensure the highest level of communication and engagement with staff, students, parents and other stakeholders Monitored by:

  • Staff, student and parent surveys
  • Staff absence levels
  • Student recruitment
  • Challenge Partner and OFSTED Reports

3. Personal Development

   a. promote character development amongst all students – commitment, critical thinking, challenge, creativity, caring, collaboration

   b. support extra-curricular activity

   c. encourage parental involvement with education

   d. develop awareness of social, political and environmental issues

   e. encourage healthy living

   f. encourage moral and social responsibility

   g. respect difference and promote inclusion Monitored by:

  • Parent surveys
  • Student surveys
  • Behaviour data
  • Attendance statistics
  • Curriculum offer
  • Evidence of focus on healthy living and environmental awareness

4. Sustainable Financial and Site Management

   a. demonstrate strong financial management to ensure the school operates efficiently, and within its means, while continuing to offer the widest possible teaching and enrichment curriculum

   b. ensure long-term financial sustainability

   c. deliver best value for money, with student benefit being the primary driver of all expenditure

   d. develop school site to offer the best possible learning environment

   e. seek funding to improve sporting, arts and teaching facilities

   f. Resolve future of Stanchester Sport Centre to the benefit of the school and the local community

Monitored by:

  • Annual and five-year financial planning
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Annual site assessment
  • Success of bids for capital funds – EFA and other sources of funds
  • Long term plan for Stanchester Sports Centre agreed and delivered

5. Collaboration and Governance

   a. Take the lead in promoting collaboration and cooperative working with other local secondary and primary schools

   b. Ensure the best possible relationships with feeder primary schools to build trust, confidence and understanding with primary staff, students and parents.

   c. Determine the most appropriate governance model for Stanchester taking account of the wider education environment.

Monitored by:

  • Percentage of feeder school children applying to Stanchester
  • Evidence of collaborative working and school to school support


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