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Ofsted Good
February 2016

I have the very real pleasure in informing you that the Stanchester Academy’s final Ofsted report 2016 has been published.

I cannot begin to say how proud I feel at receiving this, and how I felt after the inspection itself in February. The report speaks incredibly highly of our staff and students, and our governors and of course our parents who have played a huge part in our success.

This report speaks of transformation. It speaks of a school which has set out to build on its strengths and to meet its weaknesses head-on, and one which has delivered on its promises. A school which refuses to live in the past- one which had doggedly stuck to facts, evidence, proof and what matters. It describes a school which has not been content with being an “also-ran” and instead has set its sights on becoming the highest performing school in the area. Recognising our outstanding 2015 GCSE results, it reinforces the fact that even compared to the wider region, a student choosing to come to Stanchester has a statistically much higher chance of making good or better progress from their starting point- fact.

The report is final validation that there is substance behind what we are doing and that our objectives were and are the right ones: our actions are well-designed, well-placed and are having positive impact across the board.

We have a remarkable student body and endlessly talented and innovative staff and some of the best leaders I know. We are still going places as a school and with the increased wave of confidence and ambition this report will generate, we know the sky is the limit.

There is no escaping it- Stanchester Academy is a good school. Our parents, our staff, our governors and every single student should be immensely proud to be part of it.

Mr Jason Beardmore

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Wednesday 20 July END OF TERM 12:30pm finish
Thursday 1 September INSET Day
Friday 2 September Year 7 and 11 return to school
Monday 5 September All students return to school
Tuesday 6 September Year 7 and 10 photographs
Friday 9 – Saturday 10 September Year 11 History Trip to London
Monday 19 September Men C Vaccinations

Year 11 PE Controlled Assessment
Tuesday 20 September Citizenship Day
Friday 23 September Edge Academy Rewards Assembly
Tuesday 27 September Year 10 PE Controlled Assessment

Year 9 Geography Trip
Friday 30 September Year 10 Photography Trip

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