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I am incredibly fortunate to be taking over the leadership of the Academy at a very exciting time. Not only is our performance now consistently high but we also achieved a great result in our Ofsted Inspection in the spring term and at the end of July we were one of only six schools in Somerset to be named in the top 25% of all schools nationally in the ‘Real Schools Guide’ (available at

I have spent the majority of my life living in South Somerset and three years ago made the decision to move into the Stanchester catchment area to ensure that in the future my own children would smoothly transfer with their peers from an excellent primary education to what was clearly becoming “the school to watch”. My absolute core values lie in my belief that every child, regardless of background or ‘location’ deserves the very best opportunity in life and that all our children have talents that we as educators have a duty to discover, nurture and champion.

One of the aspects of Stanchester life that excites me the most is our relentless focus on providing our students with an education that encompasses far more than academic excellence. An education which ensures our young people leave Stanchester equipped with, not only outstanding academic qualifications, but also the personal attributes that will help them make their own mark on their community and society as a whole. The ability they have to express themselves, be creative, solve problems, show resilience, respect, empathy and emotional intelligence ensures they are successful for many years after they have completed their Stanchester journey. It is our key values for which our students regularly attract such high regard and praise from visitors, sixth form colleges and employers alike.

Acting Principal,
Mrs. Amy Joynes

Key Dates


Tuesday 13 December Senior Citizens Christmas Party
Wednesday 14 December Year 11 Trip to Za Za Bazaar Bristol 3pm
Wednesday 14 December – Friday 16 December Year 11 History Trip to Munich
Friday 16 December End of Term 12.30pm finish

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