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web---4We aspire to be amongst the best, not just out of a healthy competitive spirit, but because it is our duty to foster and pursue this commitment for our learners and for the wider community.

Learning, challenge, enjoyment and progress: the keys to success at Stanchester Academy

• Challenge and support to help realise potential
• A curriculum providing personalised learning based around individual needs
• An environment and specialist resources which support and enrich learning
• An emphasis on the international dimension and global citizenship
• Recognition of the success and achievement of every learner, every day
• “Aiming high”: balancing hard work with enjoyment

We are known for our welcoming atmosphere and commitment to the personal development of the individual child. For us, self respect, consideration for others helps to develop a sense of duty, citizenship and community.

Success depends on good communication between school and home, and we never underestimate the crucial role of parents and guardians in helping us to challenge our students to aim high, and meet or exceed expectations.


Friday 17 July END OF TERM – CLOSE AT 12:30PM
Tuesday 1 September INSET Day
Wednesday 2 September Year 7 and 11 ONLY return to school
Thursday 3 September Year 8, 9 and 10 return to school
Saturday 5 September – Sunday 6 September World Challenge Training Expedition (Dartmoor)
Wednesday 16 September Year 11 DT Food Farm Shop Trip
Friday 18 September Senior Student Training
Year 11 PE Controlled Assessment
Monday 21 September English Controlled Assessments

08:45 – 10:45 11X

11:05 – 13:05 11Y

Year 10 PE Controlled Assessment
Wednesday 23 September Citizenship Day 1
Thursday 24 September SLT Parent Address (18:00 – 19:00)

Year 10 ‘Welcome to GCSE’s’ Meeting (19:00 – 19:30)
Wednesday 30 September Parents Information Evening – MFL Phonics (17:30 – 19:00)

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We would like to welcome Colin Tyler to our board of Governors, Mr Tyler was elected as parent governor.

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