The Edge Academy

Stanchester Academy has just launched its most able students enrichment programme ‘The Edge Academy’. The Edge Academy is one of the most exciting student initiatives we have introduced for a number of years.  The Edge Academy is an elite programme that will only be available to students who meet a particular set of criteria.  Students accepted into the Academy will be those who have shown the commitment required to produce outstanding academic results in the future and who aspire to be exceptional.

The aim of the Edge Academy is to equip our most able learners with the skills and experiences that will inspire and motivate them to not only reach academic excellence but also to understand the mind-set required to take their learning to new heights. The Edge Academy will teach students that academic ability only leads to success if students also have the right attitude, level of commitment and work ethic.

Students with the highest level of attainment in Year’s 7, 8 and 9 have been invited to apply for a place in the Edge Academy. Those applying will attend an interview where they will be able to demonstrate why they should be considered for the Academy and how their commitment to learning so far illustrates the attributes required to be successful in the programme.

Once accepted into The Edge Academy students will complete at least one project per term which will be led and monitored by school staff but which will usually be completed independently, sometimes with additional timetabled sessions. Throughout each project their progress will be tracked and students will be rewarded with commitment points.  There will also be projects that will run throughout the whole year.  From September 2016 students will choose from a variety of activities but must always complete at least one activity each term.  Every activity will include an additional experience such as a University visit, a guest speaker or an exhibition of work.  At the end of the year there will be an awards ceremony where students will showcase their work for parents and where we will celebrate their achievements.

Important Documents

Most Able Action Plan 2015/16

Letters to Edge Academy Students

Edge Academy Awards Ceremony 23 September 2016

Year 9 Edge Academy Holocaust Exhibition Trip

Literacy on the Loo Project

Lyme Regis Fossil Festival

Stanchester Important Notices Pinboard

Important Notices