School Uniform

Uniform requirement, appropriate dress and appearance code

We believe that a smart appearance is an important part of creating and maintaining the appropriate climate for learning and preparing for adult life and the world of work. In addition, following the agreed uniform and appearance requirements is an integral part of belonging to our learning community

Students will be expected to wear the correct Stanchester uniform at all times during the school day and whilst on the premises.  Failure to adhere to the uniform requirements could result in sanctions being applied under the behaviour policy.

A copy of the school uniform requirements is available on the web-site and a paper copy can be provided upon request. The information will also be available in student planners.

Infringements of the dress and appearance code

Failure to attend in the correct uniform may result in a sanction. Where this occurs, the form tutor or other member of staff will hold an initial conversation with the student to give him/her the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments. Where necessary, the member of staff will consider next steps, including referral to the Head of Year and an alternative or “borrowed” item may be offered

Where a student attends with an obvious infringement with respect to appearance (e.g. piercing or extreme of hair, cut or colour), a sanction may also be applied. Members of staff will, in the first instance endeavour to resolve the situation by making reasonable/practicable requests, and the Head of Year or more senior member of staff may intervene. Definitions of appropriate hair style, colour or cut are those applied by the academy, not those of the student or parents.

Students will be expected to remove piercings immediately and these will be confiscated. Under certain circumstances, including repeat offences, the academy retains the right to release the items only to parents/ guardians in person. Failure to remove items will results in sanctions which may include internal isolation

Students with extremes of hair style, colour or cut will be sent to the Head of Year and this will generally be referred to a member of the senior team. This may result in an internal isolation until parents are contacted or the issue is resolved.


Black tailored trousers (not skin tight, leggings, jeans or jeans style)
Black knee length skirt (not tight fitting/elastine)
White shirt/blouse with fastening top button
Lower or Upper school tie
Black jumper with school logo
Sensible black shoes (not trainers)
White, black, grey socks
Nude, black or grey tights
Plain outdoor coat, no sweatshirt material or large logos
Appropriate school bag to fit all school equipment in

PE Kit:

Compulsory Items:
White polo shirt with logo
Shorts with log
Reversible Sports Shirt with logo
Black football socks
Football/hockey boots
Training shoes (non-marking soles)

Optional Items:
Skort with logo (Optional item for girls instead of shorts)
Tracksuit Bottoms with logo
Microfibre Training Top with logo
Microfleece with logo

From September 2014 there will also be a full zip tracksuit top available

Make Up and Hair:
Lower school no make up
Upper school subtle make-up
No extreme hair styles, cuts or colours

1 small stud per ear (no other piercings allowed)
1 small bracelet (no bangles)
2 rings (no large ‘costume jewellery’ rings)
A watch
No visible necklaces

School ties and all uniform items containing our logo are available to purchase from:
Schoolwear & More
10 Wine Street
BA20 1PW

Items can also be ordered online at:

Stanchester Important Notices Pinboard

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