Who are the Governors?

Ordinary people from all walks of life. You don’t have to wear a suit, carry a briefcase and have a string of formal qualifications to be a Governor. You do need an interest in young people and this school and be able to commit some of your valuable time. Any particular skills and expertise are also always welcome.

What do Governors do?

Our key role is to support the school, its Principal and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT). They are the professionals employed by Governors to lead and manage the Academy. We also challenge what goes on by questioning, asking for explanations and making sure students get the best possible deal from their school. This is called being a “critical friend”. We hold the school to account and help to shape and approve plans for Stanchester’s development.

How do Governors do their work?

  • By visiting the Academy regularly and as work and other commitments allow, to find out and understand more about what happens  and why
  • By attending 2 evening meetings (5.30pm to 8pm latest) of all Governors each term
  • By belonging and contributing to a Governors’ committee and attending 2 termly meetings (5pm to 7pm approx)
  • By contributing in other ways e.g. attending events such as concerts, drama productions, celebration assemblies, helping to appoint new staff, linking with students and parents to find out their views – students in particular are never short of things to say!

To find out more about being a Stanchester Governor, please contact the Clerk to Governors, Teresa Oulds – Tel 01935 827231 or e mail Governors don’t have to be parents of Stanchester students. We welcome people from the wider community, so if you have friends, neighbours or colleagues who might be interested in joining us, please encourage them to get in touch.

Governors Meetings Attendance Record 2015-16

Stanchester Academy Governing Structure
 Full list of Governor
Current Type Committee Appointed Ends
Rose Atkinson Community Standards 05.12.13 04.12.17
Richard Barker (Chair) Community Finance and Buildings (Chair) 05.12.13 04.12.17
Lynn Benfield Community Leadership and Management 05.12.13 04.12.17
Sue Chant Community Leadership and Management 06.02.15 05.02.19
Sue Collard Community Leadership and Management


05.12.14 04.12.18
Sam Crabb Community Finance and Buildings 05.12.13 04.12.17
Simon Darley (Vice Chair) Community

SEN lead

Finance and Buildings

Standards (Chair)

06.02.15 05.02.19
Gemma Glentworth Staff Leadership and Management 03.12.15 02.12.19
Andy Hall Parent Leadership and Management 07.12.16 06.12.20
Nikki Holt Community Leadership and Management (Chair)


05.12.13 04.12.17
Amy Joynes Principal, Ex officio 01.09.16
Graham McWilliams Sponsor Standards 06.02.15 05.02.19
Mairi Todd Staff Leadership and Management 05.12.13 04.12.17
Sarah Todd Co-opted Standards 01.12.16 30.11.20
Judy Watson Community

Safeguarding Lead

Leadership and Management 06.02.15 05.02.19
Richard Weeks Parent Finance and Buildings 03.12.15 02.12.19
 Tim Olivey Parent  Standards 18.01.16 13.07.17
Colin Tyler Parent Finance and Buildings 21.05.15 13.03.17
Jennifer Schina Parent Finance and Buildings 22.10.15 26.01.17
Steve Barrow Staff Finance and Buildings 13.10.11 12.10.15
Andy Draper Parent Finance and Buildings 13.10.11 12.10.15
Charlotte Hall Parent Leadership and Management 13.10.11 08.07.15
Leah Mitchell Staff Leadership and Management 01.02.15 19.05.16
Chris Hubbard Co-opted Standards 04.02.16 20.08.16
Dennis Ryan Parent Leadership and Management 10.02.11 09.02.14
Dennis Ryan Trustee 05.02.15 19.05.16


FGB Composition (in line with the Academy Articles of Association): 9 x community, 2 x parent, 2 x staff, 1 x ex officio, 1 x sponsor, 1x co-opted.Trustees of the Academy Trust: Richard Barker, Sue Collard, Sue Chant, Simon Darley and Judy Watson.Clerk to the Governing body: Teresa Oulds (
 Register of Interest

Governor Name of Business/ Organisation Nature of Business Nature of Interest Financial Interest Any other interests declared
Richard Barker None None None None Parent
Lynn Benfield Sound Thinking Ltd

Withybrook House

Hardington Moor


BA22 9JP

Specialist Teaching & Learning Consultant Family Member None None
Sam Crabb Somerset County Council Local Authority Councillor None None
South Somerset Partnership Schools Education Chair of Management Committee, Member of HR, Buildings and Finance and Pay Committees None None
Andy Hall SureStart Autos Automotive Repairs Close Friend None Parent
Gemma Glentworth None None None None Staff Member
Amy Joynes Mark Joynes Property Maintenance Property Maintenance Spouse None Acting Principal
Tim Olivey Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services Information Technology provider Employee None Parent
Mairi Todd None None None None Staff Member
Sarah Todd None None None None Staff Member


Stanchester Important Notices Pinboard

Important Notices