School Counselling Service

Young people experience developmental changes that are unique to each individual.  Counselling is a process which assists a client to focus on his or her particular concerns and develop mental issues, while simultaneously addressing and exploring specific problems, making choices, coping with crisis, working through feelings of inner conflict and improving relationships with others.  Counselling enables young people to gain a better understanding of themselves and the situations facing them and to develop strategies to cope with change.

Counselling is available for any of our students who would benefit from some private time to talk through any difficulties they might be experiencing.

Mrs Paterson (Stanchester Counsellor) works with students through personal issues: family or school situations, anxiety, bereavement, anger management, coping skills, self-care etc.  The aim of counselling is to help people explore, understand and feel more in control of their feelings and behaviour.

Mrs Paterson also runs a Bereavement Support Group once a month.  The group has been set up to support young children going through bereavement and a Stress Workshop during the Summer Term for Year 10 and 11.

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