Students meet Greg Rutherford

On a recent Drama trip to London, to see Woman in Black. Stanchester students bumped into a famous Olympian!

Meet our new Head Boy, Head Girl and their Deputies

HB_HG_Deputies_Photo_2016-17 websiteStanchester Academy are pleased to announce the Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputy appointments for 2016-17.

Pictured from left to right: Hugh Bertschinger has been appointed Deputy Head Boy, Hattie Palmer has been appointed Head Girl, Will Swainson has been appointed Head Boy and Georgina Dean has been appointed Deputy Head Girl.

Congratulations to all 4 students.

Senior Students announced for 2016/17 academic year

After a lengthy and exciting selection process 30 students were duly elected to represent the school as Senior Students. As Senior Students, these individuals are expected to act as ambassadors for the school and as role models to their peers and to younger students.

Senior Student 2016-17_Website_Photo

Pictured above, from left to right starting bottom row: Jessica Palmer, Ruby Rowe, Georgina White, Anya Small, Olivia Kirkham, Megan Down, Faye Starmer, Ellana-May Oxley, Georgina Dean, Nancy Meaden, Jessica Poulton, Will Swainson, Hattie Palmer, Sofie Sayers, Mabel Morris, Scarlett Rolls, Shannon Hart, Jade Peploe, Francesca Greed, Darcy Mann, Alastair Frisby, Megan Wise, George Carter, Katie Dean, Archie Olivey, Luke James, Cameron McGhee, Andrew Watson, Tom Dickinson, Jamie Power, Hugh Bertschinger (not pictured: Mukhtar Ahangaran and Amelia Bridgford-Whittick)

Stanchester Academy praised by students, local community and further afield

It’s always great to hear positive comments about Stanchester and over the last few months they’ve been coming thick and fast from many directions.

Recent compliments have been received from Ofsted, parents, colleagues in other schools and employers as follows:

“Teachers know their pupils well. Strong relationships between staff and pupils are founded on teachers’ collective belief in pupils’ ability to achieve well” (Ofsted)

“Pupils’ conduct around the site is good. Pupils are very proud ambassadors for the school and they have high aspirations” (Ofsted)

“Stanchester is always ahead of the curve, they try new things before anyone else” (Dorset School Headteacher)

We have been incredibly impressed by the Stanchester students who come to us, it’s a school that is seriously on the up and rapidly” (Vice-Principal, FE College)

The Principal and staff are doing a cracking job, I have been very impressed (Parent)

You are obviously doing an amazing job at teaching, inspiring and nurturing the learners at your school as this was evident throughout their visit. Such lovely children, with such an exciting future ahead of them (Employer)

And here is what our students say about Stanchester Academy:

“The best thing about Stanchester Academy is the sense of community that is felt by every student” (Hattie Palmer)

“The effort put in by teachers and staff creates the best possible future for students” (Will Swainson)

“The teachers teach students with enthusiasm and everybody believes they can achieve and succeed” (Mukhtar Ahangaran)

“I love the positive attitudes of teachers and staff and staff are willing to give up their free time to help students achieve their best” (Hugh Bertschinger)

“The Year Coordinators are always there for you and willing to help” (Caleb Cox)

“Our outstanding GCSE results 2015 gives our community so much to be proud of” (Adam Crookes)

“Stanchester Academy is highly regarded with local businesses and community” (Charlie Curtis)

“I am very proud to go to Stanchester Academy because it has given me confidence and it has encouraged all the students to achieve their best.  I have met some amazing pupils and staff who have made me believe in myself and appreciate how lucky I am to go to Stanchester” (Georgina Deane)

“Teachers always believe in us” (Katie Dean)

“Stanchester Academy is a safe and friendly environment” (Francesca Greed)

“Stanchester is full of teachers that want to see you do well in the future and they give you the best education you could ask for” (Lannece Hole)

“Stanchester is a brilliant academy which looks after its students and cares about their success.  One of the best things are the flight paths that ensures students are on track” (Luke James)

“The best thing about Stanchester is the student voice allows students views to be heard” (Olivia Kirkham)

“Stanchester Academy is an open, welcoming, friendly school.  Our Academy always feels like it has an open door policy to students and adults, regardless of ability or background.  This gives Stanchester the capability to let students be individuals as well as being part of a community, which feels like one big family” (Darcey Mann)

“I have enjoyed every day at Stanchester Academy” (Nancy Meaden)

“Teachers are supportive and encourage us to aim high” (Cameron McGhee)

“The fact Stanchester has grown and flourished in the last years has been tremendous; it shows the school is something special” (Jamie Power)

“Stanchester has an amazing sense of community, reinforced by the outstanding and dedicated teachers who are not only concerned with our grades but our wellbeing.  The lessons are innovative and thought-provoking and I am very proud to be a student at Stanchester” (Sofie Sayers)

“Stanchester provides many sporting and academic opportunities” (Andrew Watson)

“In year 7, 8 and 9 I didn’t appreciate what teachers did for me.  Now in Year 10 I want to give something back to show my appreciation” (Brandon Renz-Hennessy)

Everyone concerned with Stanchester Academy has passion for and great pride in the work that goes on here, the high all round standards, the excellent examination results and rates of student progress and the students themselves, who continue to be our finest ambassadors.

Stanchester Important Notices Pinboard

Important Notices