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English department
Ms C Jones- Head of English Department
Mr R Mitchell- English Teacher (Head of Year 10)
Mrs K Mason- English teacher (Assistant Principal)
Mrs G Glentworth- English Teacher (Head of Years 7 and 8)
Mrs R Ito – English Intervention Assistant


Point Identify the effective language or language technique
Evidence Quotation from the text
Analysis Explain why the writer chose this language
Single word analysis
Offer an alternative interpretation
Reader’s response How might the reader respond? What emotions might that word create?
Link Compare with another text


Contrast with another text
Link to the context- how might the life and times of the author affect the language that was chosen, or the way the audience might respond?
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar

Welcome to the English Department

On this page you’ll find some really useful links and resources to help support your learning and progress whatever year you’re in.
Why is English an important subject to me?

English is not just about reading books and writing stories, it’s a gateway to all other subjects and careers. We aim to develop all of our students to become articulate, fluent and creative.

Wherever there is speaking, writing, or critical thinking English is essential. We want all of our students to be able to express what they know and what they don’t know about a subject.
Our team put strong emphasises on reading, writing and grammar, developing students to become better communicators.

English is virtually relevant to everything we do, whether it be at home, at school or our careers. In our daily lives we are all surrounded by information which serve different purposes. We encourage our students to become critical readers and explore how writers craft language and structure for effect.

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