Vocational Studies

BTEC Science

Students selected for the Btec Science Course will receive the equivalent of 2 GCSEs in science – Principles of Applied Science and Applications of Applied Science. Students will be awarded a Pass, Merit or Distinction on completion of the course, with a Pass being equivalent to a C grade at GCSE.
The course is designed so that students experience a range of Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics across their programme of study. The aim of the course is to stimulate students by considering the more vocational and applied nature of the sciences, with all assignments set in the context of a scientific workplace or activity.

Students are assessed through completing a number of portfolio assignments in school worth a total of 75% of their grade, with an external examination at the end of year 11 worth 25% of their final grade.

GCSE Child Development

Reasons for studying this subject

This course includes both practical based activities and an in-depth theoretical study of the development of a child’s early years.

It is an enjoyable course which will not only suit those who wish to follow a career in childcare, nursing, social work or teaching, but also provide invaluable life skills for everyone.

What you will be studying

Students will be studying parenthood, pregnancy, diet, health and care of the child; development of the child including physical, intellectual, emotional and social development through learning and play, (which will be used to support your child study), support for both the parent and the child through nursery provision and other child care provisions in the UK and Educational and Development provision which might include Early Years Foundation stage, the role of health visitors and social services.

How you will be assessed

All students are entered for the same examination, so that the full range of GCSE grades (currently A*-G) are available to all.

Assessment is via three routes:

Written paper (1½ hours) = 40%. This will take place in the summer term of Year 11. 6–8 compulsory questions comprised of short answer, structured and free response questions. Some questions may include stimulus material.

Child study = 40%. This will be linked to work experience during Year 10. The child study must be completed under supervision within the classroom and should occupy approximately 20 hours of supervised time.

Research task set by the exam board = 20%. This will be spread over the autumn and spring term in Year 11.

The coursework is spread out, easing the pressure of work, and both the child study and research task will be controlled assessments completed in school. You will however, be given plenty of time and help beforehand to prepare for these.

Other assessments will be ongoing throughout the course, usually in the form of tests or homework tasks which will link either to the final examination or the controlled assessment tasks.

APT Awards Level 1 TAPAS

This is a course offered to some of our students who enjoy a variety of different learning experiences at Level One rather than at Level 2 or GCSE.

The course is built up by students studying a selection of both mandatory and optional units. We try to get the groups in Year 10 & Year 11 to complete an additional work experience to get them into the World of Work more and this often can lead to part time employment or apprenticeships post 16.
Some of the units we have offered recently have included Animal Care and Construction. Year 11 have just completed an extended Work Experience. Year 10 are currently completing two units on fishing and some Local History, drama and craft using natural resources. They have also completed a unit based on Law and Order and need to complete a unit based on job seeking skills.

To gain an Apt Award – students must achieve six credits from at least two units of study either mandatory or optional.
To gain the Apt Certificate – students must achieve 21 credits and at least 6 credits must be mandatory.
To achieve an Apt Diploma – students must achieve 39 credits and at least 9 units must be mandatory.

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