Business Studies

Business Studies is offered as an option course in KS4 for years 10 and 11. The current year 11 group are studying a double GCSE award in Applied Business Studies and the year 10 group a single award in Business Studies.



KS4 Business Studies

The KS4 course follows an AQA syllabus with a combination of controlled assessment and final examinations.

The full specification for both the double Applied Business Studies course and the single Business Studies course can be found on the AQA website using the link above:


Double Award












Single Award







Reasons for studying this subject:

GCSE Business Studies has a wide range of topics that mostly relate to Enterprise, ICT and Maths. This subject will give business knowledge of organisations across every industry with a focus on business enterprise, finance and employment. The skills developed on this course are transferable across other subjects and careers.

Unit 1: Setting up a Business (One hour exam)

Key Topics: Enterprise, Stakeholders, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service & Employees. This unit involves primarily researching three businesses. You will learn about starting up a business, how people are managed and developed to make the business a success. You will also investigate how businesses market themselves through websites and other forms of promotion.

Unit 2: Growing as a Business (One hour exam)

Key Topics: Expanding a business, Risks of Expansion, Methods of Expansion, Stakeholders, Private and Limited Companies, Changing Aims and Objectives, Importance of Location. This unit follows on from unit 1 and focusses on the growth and development of a business as it needs to grow and expand its sales territories.

Unit 3: Investigating Businesses (Controlled Assessment)

Key Topics: Costs & Breakeven Analysis, Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheets, Sources of Finance. This unit will further your understanding of finance, from the first two units, to include a wider range of accounts and financial planning methods.

How you will be assessed

There are three units on the course, two written exams and one controlled assessment. The Unit 1 exam is worth 40%, the Unit 2 exam 35% and the Unit 3 controlled assessment is worth 25% of your final grade. The controlled assessment includes writing a report and a presentation.

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