Year 6 Transition to Stanchester Academy 2017

Thank you for choosing to send your child to Stanchester Academy. We are currently preparing for the start of the next school year in September 2017 and we want your child to play a major part in these preparations. We pride ourselves on a record of excellent transition for all our youngsters.

Already, much work has been scheduled. We plan to meet regularly with the primary heads and their teaching staff. Our Head of Year 7, Mrs Glentworth, will visit all our partner primary schools working with both students and teachers. We will also have continuous links between many Stanchester teachers and our partner primary teachers.

Children moving to a secondary school can experience a wide range of emotions and all will have to make adjustments to new systems, new teachers, different subjects and larger premises. At Stanchester we do everything possible to make the transfer from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible. We call this the ‘Transfer Programme’.

We hope to develop a close partnership with you as parents and we include details of how this partnership should work in our ’Parents Contract’. This link with you is vital in ensuring a successful and happy five years at Stanchester for your child.

We look forward to meeting with you regularly over the next 5 years.

Key dates
Year 6 Family Interviews – Wednesday 17 May 2017

The purpose of these interviews was for us to make personal contact with each individual family. It was also an ideal opportunity to discuss any worries or concerns families may have had about the transfer from primary school to Stanchester.

Primary Transfer Day – Wednesday 5 July 2017

This is the day on which all our new students visit Stanchester for a whole day. It is a day on which your child will meet new friends, their tutors, their teachers and take part in some lessons.

The day starts at 8.45am and finishes at 2.20pm. You will need to arrange to bring and collect your child at these times.

Children will need to bring a packed lunch. Children entitled to a free school meal will be provided with lunch. A drink and a snack can also be brought for break.

The day provides an opportunity for your child to:

  • meet the Head of Year
  • meet the Pastoral Co-ordinator
  • meet the Form Tutor
  • meet other students already at Stanchester
  • begin to get to know the Stanchester site
  • experience some lessons in specialist teaching rooms

We can guarantee that your child will have plenty to talk about at home and when they return to their primary school the next day.

Your child will need to remember:

  • to wear their primary school uniform
  • to bring their PE kit (indoor kit only)
  • to bring pens, pencils, etc.
  • to bring a break time snack and drink
  • to bring a bottle of water to drink during the day
  • to bring their Passport to Stanchester which will be peer
  • marked during the day, with their best piece of work attached
Primary Transfer Evening – Wednesday 5 July 2017

Parents and students are invited to attend this evening which will provide you with the opportunity to meet your child’s tutor and to ask any final questions about transition.

There will be a presentation in the Main Hall at 6:00pm and 6:30pm. Parents are asked to attend one of these presentations.

A representative from the School Transport Team will be available during the evening to answer any questions you may have should your child be eligible for school transport. There will also be a representative from School Wear & More attending to supply you with details of our uniform and answer any questions you may have.


Stanchester Important Notices Pinboard

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