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One of the things that we can be assured of in life is that we all always remember our school days. We are forever part of our school community. Our memories are of course a mixture of the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, and the successful and perhaps the less successful in certain parts of our school career! The names of our teachers stay with us, as do the names of our school friends. Once you join a school and stay with it for the crucial years of your adolescence, you are part of that school forever.

With this in mind we have started an Alumni Association and we are keen to stay in touch with as many former students as possible.

We firmly believe that you being part of our alumni can help us to improve the educational experiences of our current students in a wide variety of ways, for example, you may be invited back to talk to students about your experience in further and higher education, apprenticeships and employment. This will offer a unique opportunity for us to reconnect with our former students, and we will be working hard to ensure we set up a thriving alumni association during the year. We will be sharing information about current school events with any of our former students who wish to join, as well as starting an active alumni association to support the current work of the school.

How to get involved

In order for us to save your details to our former student network we need your permission. We would be really grateful if you could sign up using the relevant link below and once you have agreed to the privacy policy, you will officially become part of our alumni community!  Please feel free to share this link around to friends, family and colleagues that may have attended Stanchester Academy in the past.

Please be assured there is no obligation to do anything after you have signed up, but we will send you newsletters throughout the year, invitations to school events and inform you about opportunities to keep you updated on school news.


Current Leavers sign up form – click here (contains parental consent)

All former students sign up form – click here

Alumni Profile Guidelines

Privacy Statement for Collection and Use of Personal Details


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