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Our School

Stanchester Academy has a very special and unique ethos.  We are returning to school this September following an incredible set of GCSE outcomes that continues our trend over recent years of rising results.  Whilst our students and staff achieved exceptional results we also know those young people will be embarking on their futures with confidence, resilience, excellent communication skills, respect, empathy, imagination and creativity with a whole host of experiences that will broaden their horizons and enable them to follow their dreams because of the opportunities given to them at our Academy.

During my first year as Principal at Stanchester we have focused on shaping a curriculum that stretches beyond the classroom and engages students in a love of learning at all levels and in the widest possible range of subjects and activities.  I absolutely believe that children will achieve when they are happy, when they are healthy, when they are interested and when they have belief and confidence and these are the fundamental building blocks from which we have built our curriculum and which lead to our exceptional results and exciting futures for our students.

Throughout this year we will continue to develop the opportunities we provide through enrichment by supporting students to build portfolios to demonstrate their participation and achievements beyond the classroom.  We know that for many young people it is these achievements and opportunities that shape their futures, it is these experiences which enable them to communicate well, to demonstrate their wide range of skills beyond academic excellence and which give them the confidence to become outstanding citizens in the future.

Over this last year we have welcomed an enormous number of visitors to the school who have consistently recognised and praised the positive, warm, welcoming ethos that permeates throughout the Academy.  Visitors also acknowledged the comments made by our students about their academy with students explaining how they feel respected and supported in a community where everyone ‘gets on with each other’.

We are incredibly proud of our Academy where learning is enjoyed not only by our students but also by our staff and where the relationships built between staff and students in a small family centred community drive the excellent achievements we are able to celebrate year on year.

If you would like to come and visit our incredible learning environment please contact the school office who will be happy to arrange your visit.

Amy Joynes





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  • 'I have made lots of new friends.' Year 7 pupil - summer school feedback.
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  • 'Can it be for the whole six weeks? A perfect week,thank you.' Parent - summer school feedback.
  • 'My child was beaming' Parent - summer school feedback
  • 'My child made new friends and it has definitely made transition easier for them - thank you for this week.' Parent - summer school feedback
  • 'My child is no longer worried about moving up to secondary school' Parent - summer school feedback
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